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Haze Sounds

Haze Sounds is a boutique booking agency devoted to promoting foreign music acts in China and neighbouring countries/territories. Based in Beijing, we specialize in arranging full tour booking services for overseas artists in China and neighbouring countries/ territories such as Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao, Japan, Korea, and Eastern Russia.

Thanks to our tight links with festivals, events, and venues of different sizes, we create highly-curated event and tour packages suited to a range of clients. We are proud of our experience working with established artists, as well as building a profile for emerging artists across different genres, including Jazz, Pop, Rock, Electronica, Contemporary, and World music.

Haze Sounds is not a faceless company but a team of friendly and dedicated professionals whom, together, have built up an impressive roster and a reputation for reliability and great passion. We aim to build sustainable collaborations and ensure the long-term promotion and artistic development of our signed musicians / bands / ensembles in East-Asia.